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Dr. K Balamukunthan is a Consultant Nephrologist in Tambaram, Chennai (kidney specialist) and kidney transplant physician at Gokulam Kidney Clinic.

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Meet a leading kidney specialist in Chennai and experience their unmatched skill in renal care. For all kidney-related illnesses, our distinguished nephrologists provide thorough treatment and individualized care, guaranteeing each patient’s utmost health and wellbeing.

Dr. K Balamukunthan – Nephrologist in Tambaram

Dr. K Balamukunthan M.D., D.M., is a Consultant Nephrologist in Tambaram,Chennai (kidney specialist) and kidney transplant physician at Gokulam Kidney Clinic, Chennai.

Dr Balamukunthan. K developed his passion in Nephrology during his post graduation years in General medicine and this led to his pursuit of DM in Nephrology at Sri Ramachandran medical college, Chennai. He is trained under Prof Soundarrajan, the renowned Nephrologist and has acquired a wealth of experience and expertise in his field during his training years. He worked in Coimbatore kidney centre for 2 years and was mentored by renowned nephrologist Dr. K.S Ramalingam and performed 150 renal transplants whilst there. He also completed 25 across the blood group transplants at the time. On moving back to his birth place Tambaram Chennai, he now resides in Tambaram. He Started Transplant Programme In Chennai Urology And Robotic Institute(curi Hospital). He performed upto 700 haemo dialysis per month at Curi hospital. And he has currently moved to Gem Hospital Perungudi. He also is a visiting specialist at a number of hospitals including Parvathy hospital -Chromepet, Bethesda hospital – East Tambaram, and Sudar hospital – Tambaram. Dr Balamukunthan has conceived the idea of Gokulam clinic at Mudichur road as an outpatient clinic which is to further develop as a dialysis centre. His long term plans are to deliver accessible renal services to the residents of his birth place is Tambaram, Chennai through this facility.

Finding a Leading Nephrology Expert In Chennai for You

Selecting a leading nephrologist in Chennai is essential for providing efficient kidney care. These board-certified physicians will perform a comprehensive health assessment, go over your medical history, and customize a plan of care just for you. Selecting the best nephrology specialist in Chennai requires great consideration if you want to guarantee that you get the best treatment available to cure kidney disorders. When selecting a reputable nephrologist in Tambaram, some things to think about are as follows:

  1. Experience
  2. Expertise
  3. Hospital Relationship
  4. Treatment Approach

Gokulam Kidney Clinic – The Best Nephrologist in Tambaram, Chennai

Our Lifework:

Gokulam Kidney Centre is the best Kidney Hospital in Chennai. Our sole purpose is to love your kidneys and treat them to become as healthy as a horse. Kidney’s health impacts our overall health to a higher degree since kidneys have 6 major functions in the human body. They are used for removing waste fluids from your body, excretes acid produced by cells of the body thus maintaining a perfect healthy balance of  water, salts and minerals. Kidneys also control blood pressure and take care of red blood cell production. Maintaining healthy bones comes under the kidney’s responsibility. And hence, kidney health is of paramount importance these days. Our changing lifestyle plays a main role in proper kidney function.  If you encounter any problems with your kidneys, you are at the best Kidney care clinic in Chennai for suitable and successful treatments.
Kidneys are two bean-like organs, each about the size of your list. They are located just below your ribcage, one on either side of the spine. Kidneys are composed of millions of tiny ultrafiltration functioning units called nephrons.

If nephrons fail to purify the blood, then we call that condition as kidney failure. That is when one gets troubled to pass urine. To diagnose the proper function of nephrons, we need Nephrologists. Dr. K. Balamukunthan is the best Nephrologist in Chennai. He is an experienced doctor in all of chennai, who is well versed in diagnosing troubled kidney situations with the modern day technologies available in no time.

We are the best Kidney specialist hospital in Chennai. You have come to the right Kidney Care clinic in Tambaram,Chennai that provides an elite for the kidney treatments.


A nephrologist: What is it?

A physician with a focus on kidney-related disorders and diseases can be called a nephrologist.

When ought I to visit a nephrologist?

If you have blood in your urine, a family history of kidney disease, persistently high blood pressure, altered urination patterns, swelling in your legs or ankles, or any combination of these symptoms, you should think about consulting a nephrologist.

Which ailments are treated by nephrologists?

Chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, and kidney damage associated with hypertension are just a few of the disorders that nephrologists treat.

What advantages come with consulting a leading nephrologist?

Seeing a top nephrologist guarantees that you will have access to the most up-to-date knowledge on kidney care innovations, individualized treatment programs catered to your unique requirements, thorough management of kidney-related disorders, and cooperation with other medical professionals for the best possible care.

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Dr. K Balamukunthan MD, DM is one of the best Nephrologist. Currently, he is a consultant nephrologist with the CURI hospital in Chennai.

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