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Gokulam Hospital is one of the Best Home Hemodialysis Centers in Tambaram, Chennai offering diagnosis, treatment, and care for patients with kidney diseases.

Home Dialysis and Home Hemodialysis in Chennai

Take advantage of our customized home hemodialysis program and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind of home dialysis in Tambaram, Chennai. Our complete home-based dialysis services, which are intended for those with renal problems, provide cutting-edge medical care in the convenience of your own home.

For patients who want to do hemodialysis at home, the dialysis setup can be installed at home. Patients can do hemodialysis leisurely at their comfort and for longer duration.

The process of hemodialysis.

Hemodialysis is a procedure that takes over your kidneys’ function of eliminating waste products and surplus fluid from your blood. A particular filter known as a dialyzer, or artificial kidney, is used for this purpose. Your blood is sent to the dialyzer via plastic tubing, cleansed, and then returned to you. Each treatment starts with the insertion of two needles into your access. The plastic tube that transports your blood to the dialyzer is attached to these needles. Your body excretes very little blood at any given time. Your blood is pumped through the dialysis system by the dialysis machine, which also regulates the treatment’s duration, temperature, fluid clearance, and pressure.

The only difference between this fundamental method and home hemodialysis is that you and a care partner receive training on how to administer your treatment at home.

Hemodialysis: In a center or at home

Hemodialysis can be done at a dialysis facility, where the necessary duties are carried out by a nurse or technician. Hemodialysis at an in-center typically takes place three times a week for three to four hours at a time. Treatments performed in-center take place at a prearranged time.

Hemodialysis is another option that you have at home, where you are the patient. You might find it easier to integrate your treatments into your routine when you’re at home. Research indicates that your chances of achieving better results on dialysis increase with your level of self-efficacy and knowledge about your therapy.

Determine if you should do hemodialysis at home

Not everyone can benefit from home hemodialysis. I think you should study up on it. You must accept accountability for your care. You should be able to perform hemodialysis at home as long as you and/or your care partner can complete the training and learn how to insert your needles correctly.


What is hemodialysis at home?

Hemodialysis patients can receive treatment at home in the convenience of their own homes with home hemodialysis. It is comparable to in-center hemodialysis but allows the patient to filter waste materials and extra fluid from the blood while at home using a dialysis machine.

For whom is home hemodialysis appropriate?

Home hemodialysis eligibility is based on several variables, including the patient’s general health, capacity for self-care, and level of support at home. A nephrologist would usually perform a comprehensive review of candidates to assess their appropriateness for home hemodialysis.

How frequently is hemodialysis done at home?

Hemodialysis at home can be done for longer periods and more frequently than typical in-center hemodialysis—often up to six times per week. Each patient’s demands are taken into account while determining the frequency and length of treatments, which are prescribed by their healthcare professional.

What benefits does at-home hemodialysis offer?

Several benefits come with home hemodialysis, such as more scheduling flexibility, more frequent dialyzing options, lower clinic visit expenses and travel time, and more control and autonomy over the treatment regimen.

What supplies are required for hemodialysis at home?

A hemodialysis machine, dialyzer (artificial kidney), access needles or catheters, dialysate solution, and supplies for safety and disinfection are needed by patients receiving hemodialysis at home. To guarantee appropriate use of equipment, patients, and caregivers get training and continuing assistance.

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