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Very best nephrologist in Tambaram. I have ever met. He does what is required and gives clarity to the patient about the treatment. Which in turn builds confidence. Thanks a lot for your dedicated service.I recommend this kidney care clinic.


This clinic is really wonderful and amazing, I am extremely happy with both the quality of service and the great specialists who work there. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Melissa Young

Melissa Young

23rd Street

We are grateful to the pediatricians of this clinic very much! Excellent service and timing. We will be coming soon for a scheduled checkup and hopefully will find the same doctor.

The Richards

The Richards

12 Main Road
ManoMelissa Young, 23rd StreetThe Richards, 12 Main Road

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Dr. K Balamukunthan MD, DM is one of the best Nephrologist. Currently, he is a consultant nephrologist with the CURI hospital in Chennai.

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